Southern Demolition, LLC Earns Multiple Award Schedule Contract

The General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency of the federal government, has handed a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract to Southern Demolition, LLC. This new contract (number 47QRAA20D007Y), awarded on July 15, 2020, and active for the next five years, will help the company streamline its process for providing hazardous waste disposal and environmental remediation services to customers in both the public and private sector. 

Qualifying for an MAS contract will have huge benefits for Southern Demolition & Environmental Services and its partner companies. Once a business has successfully applied, it can sell to almost any part of the government. No cost data is required before placing an order, and there’s no limit on the size of the order. The purchasing process is fast and simple, and the company is empowered to make substantial subcontracts to smaller companies when completing a project. Through regular audits by GSA representatives, each contractors’ pricing is ensured to be competitive and fair.

GSA Schedule contracts are an ideal conduit for any company looking to do work for federal clients on a regular basis. The goods and services administered through the GSA each year are valued between $30 and $50 billion, 80 percent of which go to small businesses. By engaging in their months-long vetting process, Southern Demolition & Environmental Services was able to thoroughly document its performance and financial fitness over the past two years, and to prove its ability to fulfill orders at reasonable prices. 

Southern Demolition, LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured residential and commercial demolition contractor, striving to provide our services in a timely, precise, safe and environmentally sound manner, with a high regard for the neighboring populations and and a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. You can find our capability statement here.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new status and how we can help you on your next project, send us an email, or call our Atlanta office at (404) 478-7142.

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